Academic Services for Bachelor's Degree (S1) at the Faculty of Geography, UGM, have started being accessible online. Below are some services you can request:

  1. Academic Leave, Course Attendance Permission, and Study Extension
  2. Submission of Study Results (KHS and Temporary Transcript)
  3. Legalization
  4. Internship
  5. Permission for Non-Attendance of Classes or Exams (Midterm and Final Exams)

If you wish to request other services, please visit the S1 Academic Service Counter at the 1st floor of Building A, Faculty of Geography, Gadjah Mada University. You can also contact us during office hours.

The Student Affairs Service of the Faculty of Geography, UGM, provides various types of document requests according to student needs, including:

  1. Certificate of Active Student Status
  2. Request for permission to access research data
  3. Internship recommendation letter
  4. Scholarship recommendation letter
  5. Championship Incentive
  6. Event permission letter, etc.